Frédéric Bruneau, CEO & Founder

Being a dad is my most significant experience. After a first entrepreneurial experience in energy brokerage area, I decided to create technologies in order to make the life of my children much easier. That's why I funded Miiya with my brother, Nicolas.

"When I see the World through the eyes of my children, I realize how much we can over-complicate things. If it does not work for them, then it is not a good idea. Reset everything, you must do something easier."

Nicolas Bruneau, CTO & Founder

Nicolas was Global Head of Quantitative Analysis at Market Solutions - Société Générale Private Banking. As an IT enthusiast, he is convinced that technology could be useful to reach our goals, especially when they deal with health & care. No surprise he is now designing new services dedicated to kids.

"When your creativity fails, just imagine what you would like to pass to the next generation; then create and deliver."

Team Members

Olivier Amberny
Hardware Manager

Julien Buisson
Supply Chain & Purchasing Manager

Yves Voglaire
Service Designer

Nicolas Cloarec
UI Designer