Let them stand on their own two feet.

The safety of our children is essential.

With Miiya, you can go to the park or on a walk and let them be a kid and play freely, you will be warned as soon as they will be too far away from you. Now, you can relax. 

And definitely, we want your children to know how much they matter to you. This is the reason why this feature could only be activated with their agreement!


Never miss a thing

We are convinced that being a parent should be an awesome job!

But sometimes, it might be frustrating. Like this time when he comes back from school and you ask him: 'What have you been doing today?'. And this answer: 'I can't remember'.

As an answer, Miiya gives also the opportunity to the kids to tag some moments during the day. So they can remember and share with you what was really meaningful for them.