Activity as a game

We asked kids what they expected from physical activity. They said:"it has to be fun!"

Kids who meet their targets are given gold stars as reward for physical activity. The number of collected gold stars determines their daily Miiya profile.

Miiya heroes will get new missions to complete. It’s a never-ending adventure.


Your smile is the best reward

Thank to Miiya, parents have access to daily activity reports directly to their smartphone. In less than 10 seconds, you know if your child has reached their daily objective.

How can you not support all your child has achieved today?


It's childproof

Miiya spends the whole day with your child. That's why we designed it like a friend.

Our activity detection model was tested for weeks with a full range of kids’ activities, from walking to skateboarding. Our engineers took part in races on all fours to have this certainty. Miiya will measure every activity your kids could possibly think of!